10 Mantras for Mindfulness and meditation


Mantra meditations are a different approach than classical sit-and-breathe meditation, and are very effective if you're having trouble concentrating. Try any of these 10 mantra meditations to learn how to control your mind while unlocking deeper meaning for the words you sing. You will soon notice a difference in your overall health, wellness, and attitude!

What is in a mantra meditation?

• By definition, a mantra is "that which protects the mind."

• Sitting and breathing during meditation is the classic meditation posture; Mantra meditation adds or focuses on chanting a phrase. This can be done out loud or silently to yourself.

• Mantras have been used for centuries, from before the Buddha to the Vedic tradition.

• The intention is to search for the meaning behind the words. A mantra is not just about the words "om" or "I live in peace," for example, but about the power or personal meaning that the words may contain or convey.

• Singing can be done in groups or individually.

• A meditation mantra can include concentrating on a single word, or multiple words, as a complete sentence.

Benefits of a mantra meditation

• Helps control the mind.

• Allows you to feel in control of yourself and your environment (the world as you know it)

• Helps balance the nervous system.

• Increases awareness of the mind and body.

• Helps balance hormones, stabilizing your mood.

• Promote a general sense of purpose

Mantra Meditation # 1: Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

• It is translated as "Om, peace, peace, peace for and for all"

• A popular meditation for beginners, as it is easy to remember.

• Repeat slowly and monotonously.

Mantra Meditation # 2: Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu

• It is translated as "May all beings be happy"

• Perfect for when you feel insecure about a work situation, or are unsure which way to go

Mantra Meditation # 3: Ra Ma Da Sa

• A popular mediation of the Kundalini mantra for healing purposes.

• It means a call to the Earth, the Sun, the Ether and the Moon to heal and be healed.

• Use it for protection, for you or your loved ones.

Mantra Meditation # 4: I am healthy, I am happy, I am holy

• Brings positive energy to all chakras for mental, emotional, or physical well-being.

• Use this meditation and affirmation mantra to restore a sense of peace, belonging, and purpose.

Mantra Meditation # 5: Om Mani Padme Hum

• It is translated as "Hail to the lotus jewel"

• Excellent meditation to reconnect with your source, the divine energy that puts you in contact with the universe, your wisdom and the correct decisions you must make.

Mantra Meditation # 6: Everything is fine.

• Mantra to recover good health, raise the vibratory rate, improve communication with loved ones or overcome illnesses.

• As you inhale, repeat the three words slowly and steadily, and repeat them the same way you exhale.

Mantra Meditation # 7: I Am This.

• Sing as an affirmation for whatever your current intention is.

• Repeat by filling in the blank: "I am _______ (strong, kind, compassionate, wise, omniscient, intuitive, smart, or wealthy)."

• As you meditate, focus on the meaning of your chosen phrase. What would your daily life be like if you lived true to that word?

Mantra Meditation # 8: Soham

• One of the best mantra meditations for beginners.

• Concentrate on the word as you breathe deeply, consciously inhaling and exhaling.

Mantra Meditation # 9: Present Moment

• Great start to mantra mediation for daily practice

• Inhale focusing and saying the word "Present."

• Exhale by focusing and saying the word "Moment."

Mantra Meditation # 10: Om

• The most used song: from meditation to yoga studios around the world.

• Translate to mean many different things, including god, unity and the divine

• Represents the time of awakening and creation, a spiritual opening to one another.

• Be spoken slowly while letting go of the physical being for a moment.

The bottom line . . .

Learn to feel at peace instead of being complacent with your life, gaining more control of your mind through mantra meditation.


Whether you simply repeat "om" for five minutes a day, or personalize your own chant to reflect something more meaningful to you, mantra meditation will allow you to improve your life in every way.


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