Crash Diets | Some reasons why you should stay away

Updated: Aug 2

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Crash diets are one of the most detrimental - yet easiest - things you could do if you want to see long-term results.

Yet because of flashy marketing full of empty promises, people who want to lose weight make this mistake time and time again.

The promises of fast results is no doubt alluring, but remember that if the weight comes off quickly, chances are very good it'll come back on just as quickly. And in some cases, when dieters gain the weight back, they add on a few extra pounds to their starting point.

Let's take a closer look at all the problems associated with crash diets so that you can see for yourself why you must not try these fads for yourself.

Let's dive into the details

• They shock your metabolism. A crash diet will cause your metabolic rate to plummet, making it impossible to lose weight after the first week or so is up.

• You’ll be starving! Most crash diets provide nowhere near the energy you need to maintain your day to day activities.

• They’re deficient in protein. Most crash diets don’t provide enough protein to maintain your lean muscle mass so you’ll get weaker as you use them.

• They’re low in minerals. You’ll often fall short in iron, calcium, zinc and potassium when on a crash diet plan.

• You’ll need to avoid exercise. Trying to exercise on a crash diet will feel like mission impossible because you’ll constantly be tired and may be malnourished.

• They impact your sleep quality. Those who aren’t eating enough will find they have a hard time getting and staying asleep.

• They cause your body to cling onto its fat stores. The more your body senses starvation, the less willing it will be to give up body fat for fuel.

• They teach poor food habits. Eating disorders are more likely to result when someone uses a crash diet plan.

• They don't teach you about long-term healthy eating. Once you come off the crash diet, you’ll likely return to your old ways and regain the weight.

• They may cause menstruation to stop in women. For females, when calories are taken too low, aménorrhée sets in, which can cause bone loss over the long term.

• They’re lacking balance. A balanced diet provides a mix of proteins, carbs and fats, whereas most crash diets are off-balance or, worse yet, require nothing but juice or supplements.

In summary

As you can see, crash diets are not a wise move. The more you can avoid these entirely, the healthier and happier you are going to be - not only while you are following your diet plan, but after you come off as well.

Crash diets are the worst way to feed your body and will never produce the lasting results you’re after. Choose a more moderate weight-loss approach that you enjoy and that nourishes your body, and you will soon be feeling great and homing in on your goal.

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