Health should focus on quality over quantity | Especially your type of foods

Updated: Aug 2

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How do you like your food? Do you prefer having a large amount of food on your table or you prefer having good quality of food exposed on your table?

I know many would, of course prefer having good quality of food on their table. Some would say when there is not enough money we accept what we can afford . I would say this is mindset ; we need to control our thought to not sabotage our lifestyle.

As you go about your fat-loss diet plan, one thing that you’ll need to be thinking about is food quality over food quantity. One big mistake is placing all your focus on hitting daily calorie targets without thinking about the types of foods you’re eating to get there.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the numbers since your calorie intake will dictate which direction your body weight moves; However, this is only one aspect of what makes a well-balanced diet.

Always focus on food quality over food quantity for optimal results. Reminding yourself of this can help to boost your motivation to eat right as you work toward your dieting goal.

Let's go a bit to the details

• Food quality establishes how you feel. If you aren’t eating nutrient-dense foods, you’ll feel less energized throughout the day.

• Food quality establishes your nutritional intake. Vitamins and minerals will be found in abundance in high-quality foods, but not in low-quality foods.

• High-quality foods provide more fiber. This helps to keep you feeling satisfied on your diet and maintaining the plan.

• High-quality foods offer health benefits such as reducing risk of disease, diabetes and cancer, among other major illnesses.

• Food quality prevents muscle mass loss. If you eat low-quality foods, you’ll be burning up muscle while you maintain your body fat - the opposite of what you want!

• You’ll perform better during exercise. A high-quality diet will provide a cleaner source of fuel for your workout sessions.

• You’ll eat more natural foods. A high-quality diet will reduce your intake of additives and preservatives, which can cause long-term health problems.

• You’ll look younger. Eating high-quality foods will keep your skin looking healthy and clear.

• You’ll burn fat faster. Food quality will dictate whether or not your metabolism plummets as you go about the diet.

• You’ll be more productive. Foods high in quality enhance mental processing and concentration.

• You’ll control blood sugar levels. Eating foods higher in quality will mean better stabilized blood sugar levels, reducing the chance of suffering a crash at any point throughout the day.

• A diet high in quality food teaches you how to make superior nutritional decisions as you go about your day.

• A high-quality diet promotes natural weight loss. You won’t have to count calories as often, and increasing your overall health will be that much easier.

In summary

So there you have the primary reasons why food quality is an important consideration.

Pay attention to this as you go about setting up your diet plan, and you will see the optimal rate of success.

Switching your focus to food quality when making meal decisions will also set you up for long-term weight maintenance.

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