How protein can help you lose weight naturally? |Increasing your fat loss.

Updated: Aug 2

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Do you want to increase the rate of fat loss you are experiencing? If you only make one change to your diet, increase your protein intake. This is one of the fastest ways to start fat loss for several reasons.

Most people don't have a lot of protein in their diets, but instead consume mostly fats and carbohydrates, which can significantly hinder the progress of weight loss. While protein-rich foods take a little longer to cook and prepare than other food options, it's time well spent.

There are also quick options like protein powder, which can be used in addition to whole food sources.

Let's take a look at the reasons why you should increase protein to at least 15% to 20% of your total diet to achieve the best fat loss results.

Let's go a little deeper

• Protein helps increase your metabolic rate. Protein-rich foods require the most calories for the body to break down. With every 100 calories of protein consumed, you can burn up to 25 of those calories through digestion. With fats and carbohydrates, you'll only burn two and four calories, respectively.

• Protein controls blood glucose levels. Protein-rich foods are ideal for controlling your blood sugar levels because they do not break down into glucose in the body, which would raise you to a high blood sugar level followed by a breakdown. When your blood sugar collapses, you are more likely to crave simple carbohydrates, going against your efforts to lose fat.

• Protein prevents loss of lean muscle mass. On a low calorie diet, your body burns its energy reserves to make up for the difference. Hopefully that will result in fat loss, but it can also mean muscle loss. Much of the protein you eat will be used as fuel for your daily activity, so you need enough protein to keep your muscle tissues lean.

• Protein promotes faster recovery between workouts. Protein is required to complete the process of rebuilding and repairing muscle tissue after a hard training session. By taking a mixture of amino acids (proteins), you can ensure that the process is carried out as efficiently as possible, allowing you to return to the gym again for your next training session.

• Protein calms hunger pains. Because protein takes so long to digest, it will keep you satisfied between meals for longer, reducing your chances of experiencing hunger throughout the day. This in turn makes it easier to keep your diet plan low in calories and see results.

In summary

Everyone should try to incorporate more protein into their diet, especially when developing a diet plan to eliminate excess body fat. Strive to take at least one gram per pound of body weight per day.

The most optimal sources of protein to consume include chicken, turkey, fish, lean red meat, low-fat dairy products, eggs, and protein powder.

If you fall short on protein, you won't maintain your strength level throughout the diet plan, and as a result, you may start to feel weaker and slow down your metabolism.

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