How to become naturally thin by eating more | Secrets to get thin

Updated: Aug 2

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If you’re currently on a weight-loss diet but are struggling to get the results you hope for, you’re surely wondering why it seems like some people don’t have to think about staying thin.

While you fight, fight, fight to lose weight to no avail, others eat what they want and are a size small.

Are they doing something different with their diet plan that allows them to stay so thin? Or, are you just cursed with a bad metabolism?

The truth is that naturally thin people often do things a little differently, and these small factors can add up to a big weight difference.

Let’s uncover some of their secrets so that you can start to apply these principles to your own eating choices and lifestyle habits.

Let's go a little deeper to the details

• They listen to their bodies. If they are hungry, they eat. If they aren’t hungry, they don’t. Most importantly, they also recognize when they are full enough to stop.

• They eat high-volume foods. With a diet of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins, a higher total food volume still equals fewer calories.

• They indulge! Because they don’t force themselves to go without the foods they want and allow themselves to eat their favorite things when they really want to, they don’t obsess to the point of fighting cravings all day long.

• They are more active. Being active on a daily basis is a way to easily control your weight better since you’ll have a higher calorie expenditure. Activity includes working out, but it also includes little things like getting up from the computer every hour to walk and stretch, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

• They add more variety. Rather than eating the same thing every day and quickly becoming bored, they are sure to vary their diet so that they stay interested in healthy meals.

• They don’t avoid fats. Slim people eat healthy fats, such as avocados, coconuts, olive oil, peanut butter, a spread of butter, or a square of dark chocolate. One or two servings of fats per day can help calm cravings and satisfy hunger with a small portion.

• They eat whole foods. Rather than eating highly processed foods, slimmer people focus on eating foods in their most natural states.

• They don't clock-watch. Slim people don’t bother to eat according to schedule. They eat when their body tells them to.

• They don’t crash diet. Crash diets slow your metabolism and only make further weight loss that much harder.

• They cook for themselves. To avoid eating out constantly, which will only boost calorie intake, they prepare lighter options at home.

• They focus on nutritious food. Rather than thinking in terms of good or bad, they think in terms of nutrient dense or not.

In summary

There are many reasons why some people don’t struggle with maintaining a lower body weight, and there’s no one-size-fits-all healthy lifestyle.

Remember that weight loss doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems; there are highly effective changes you can make that won’t take all your time or cost you a bundle.

Consider adopting a few of these habits to see if they work to help you keep the weight off with less stress.

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