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Updated: Aug 2

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Once you have your diet plan all set up and ready to go, the next step is putting that plan into action in a way that’s both healthy and exciting.

Learning how to prepare low-fat but tasteful meals is one of the best keys to sustainable success.

When you eat the same three well-balanced meals over and over again, you’re only going to run into severe boredom and no doubt have trouble staying the course.

Fortunately, if you learn how to adapt any dish to support weight-loss results and maintenance, you can easily enjoy the foods you love and still see fantastic progress.

The Details

• Stir fry more often. When you keep the oil content to a minimum, this is a great way to slash calories and create fast meals.

• Use a slow cooker. Put the food in before work to have a meal waiting for you when you return home.

• Use low-sodium chicken or vegetable broth rather than oil. Broth works great when sauteing food to cut excess calories and fat, and it adds more savory flavor.

• Make salad dressings from scratch. Use quality ingredients without any fillers, and dress your salad with just enough to taste it in every bite without dousing those healthy greens in oil.

• Swap out regular cheese for low-fat varieties.

• Use cottage cheese or Greek yogurt in replacement of sour cream to minimize fat and boost protein.

• Fill out meals with vegetables. Rather than loading up on carbs from rice, pasta or bread, integrate more vegetables by dicing, pureeing or simply serving them roasted on the side.

• Create delicious soups. Soups tend to be lighter than most meals and can be loaded with vegetables. Stews in particular can have a lot of lean protein.

• Experiment with herbs. Fresh herbs add loads of flavor without any calories or fat.

• Cook with wine by braising, glazing or adding to a sauce. Wine adds a rich taste with far fewer calories than butter or oil.

• Replace eggs with egg whites. You’ll hardly notice the difference, but you’ll be avoiding all the fat in the yolk.

• Grill your meat instead of frying it. The fat will drip off rather than being absorbed back into the meat.

• Serve turkey bacon. If you can’t stop your bacon craving, opt for the turkey variety, which is lower in fat than regular pork belly bacon.

• Use ground turkey or chicken. Likewise, swapping ground poultry for ground beef or pork will lower fat in your protein-rich meals.

The Bottom Line

Follow these replacement suggestions, and look for these low-fat ingredients as you go about choosing recipes for your diet plan. With these tips, you should have no problem enjoying the final product and eating well both in flavor and nutritional value.

When you experiment with your favorite dishes and make them better for you, you’ll be able to stick to your diet without feeling like you’re making a ton of sacrifices. The more creative you can get, the more you are supporting your long-term success.

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