Weight loss and dairy | Why adding dairy to your diet can increase fat loss?

Updated: Aug 2

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If you are planning a weight loss diet, you may be thinking of skipping all dairy products. Many people have come to believe that dairy-rich foods will only hinder the weight loss results they see when, in fact, the opposite is true.

Adding dairy products back to your diet can be beneficial not only for fat loss, but also for overall health.

While it is important that you choose the best foods to see the correct results, if you make wise selections, you will soon see why dairy can be a crucial part of your success.

The details

• Dairy is rich in protein. Getting enough protein in your diet is a must no matter what, and dairy will help complete the protein intake you get from lean meats, dark green leafy vegetables, and beans.

• The dairy is very satisfactory. Dairy-rich foods contain casein protein, which is digested more slowly in the body and keeps you satisfied over time. When eating foods like Greek yogurt before bed, casein can even aid muscle recovery while you sleep.

• Dairy is low in sugar. Dairy products only contain natural sugar lactose, so it will not increase blood glucose levels like fruits and other sugary foods.

• Dairy accelerates the loss of stomach fat. Dieters who include low-fat dairy in their weight loss plan may lose inches from their waist.

• Dairy is a rich source of calcium. This will help build stronger bones and support smooth muscle contractions.

• The dairy is satisfactory! Most people love creaminess and rich flavor, so eating healthy dairy sources can help you stick to your diet plan.

• The dairy is easy to serve. Incorporating smart dairy options into your diet is easy, and most people can find a variety they enjoy.

• The dairy is fast and convenient. Preparation work is often not required, making it a food you can simply pick up and eat.

• Dairy is rich in nutrients. Many dairy products are also fortified with vitamin D and may contain phosphorous, which will further support bone and dental health.

• Dairy can speed recovery. Low-fat dairy products, particularly chocolate milk, are recommended after a workout. The mixture of amino acids and natural sugars will promote further growth and development.

• The dairy is versatile. You can have dairy products alone or use them to create a sauce, spread or garnish for a main dish or garnish.

The bottom line

Unless you are lactose intolerant, dairy should be a regular part of your diet plan. The best options for your dairy-rich foods should be low-fat, including cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, skim milk, and cheese.

Stay away from ice cream, high-fat cheese, regular sour cream, and whipped cream, and you're good to go.

Remember to keep your portion sizes under control so that your calorie intake also stays regulated and you won't have any trouble eating dairy products as you move toward your target weight.

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