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Traffic secret strategies that convert

It happens most of the time an entrepreneur decides to have an online business; once set up his website and having all his products or services ready to sell. Surprisingly no one ever visits the site for years and he keeps paying for hosting and domain. Did that ever happen to you?

What could be the problem of that entrepreneur's site? 

  • His site might have pages and post unindexed 

  • His site might not be user friendly

  • He might not do anything to attract visitors to his site thinking that once his business is set up he is ready to make money without doing any other effort.

When you decided to become an online entrepreneur did they tell you that traffic would be the key essential to master to be successful as an online entrepreneur?

 Certainly not! they probably told you that you could get rich fast by promoting other people's stuffs and earning commissions every two weeks.  Go ahead get your site built to start promoting but you never know where your site visitors will come from.

As you got the chance to find this page and were smart enough to take action you will be learning most of the different places to get targeted traffic from that will convert for you whatever niche you are in .  Let's start.

Resources #1

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Big online businesses out there like Amazon, eBay and soft ... are using a traffic system  to reach their potential customers  which if you know you will be shocked and even say that it’s unfair comparing to the type of traffic system using by normal advertisers and marketers to reach their customers. 


So I don’t think they want you to know that traffic system.

These companies don’t run ads like ordinary advertisers on FB, Google ad words, Bing, Yahoo and so forth.

They let these platforms for their affiliates to spend the money there competing with their competitors.

Here is the shocking news you want to know:  they use a system that allows great businesses that are ready to serve potential customers to send a broadcast email only one time a day.


Can you believe that?  I know some affiliate send emails to their customers 2 to 3 times a day to see if they can make their first sale.

But this system is only once a day you are allowed to use it.


What is funny about this system; there is a rule against spammers you are  not allowed  to send email to people before they allow you to do so but using this system wipes out that rule because  you cannot get spam complains when you use it to send message to people who are interested to your business.

The funniest thing about this system is that it’s so cheap you would never believe that a cheap system like that would be so powerful if someone would tell you. It’s cost less than $50 if you ask me.

Using this system you will be able to reach 2.3 million targeting customers all around the world.

You should never have a lack

of traffic to your business site

As we all know it for a business to subsist it needs visitors and buyers. For people to come and visit your site they must know about it, right? What is the best way to get your business known by the world? – Traffic, right?

Exactly, traffic is the best way to let people know about your business. Therefore traffic strategy sources are a must for all business owners to know and do if they want their business to succeed.

If your business needs traffic and you want your business to succeed I am suggesting you to stay with me.

Resources #2

Traffic sources to mastering Facebook ads and campaigns

FB is one of the largest social media platforms out there where over 2.6 billion people are hanging out and socializing to each other day and night. If you ask me I will straightly tell you that social media never take a break, they never sleep.

Wouldn’t it be a great boost for your business if you find a way to master Facebook ads, campaigns and the Facebook robot tools for the profit of your business?


How beneficial will it be for you if you have that ability to make Facebook showing your business site to all these people most specifically to those who have a strong interest in the type of products or services you are providing?

Whether you have an online business or a local business Facebook still could be a great tool for you to place your business in front of the targeting customers you would love to visit your business and turn them into potential buyers. 


I have been using these following Facebook traffic strategies i am going to show you below for decade to earn passing income online and I believe you can do it too.


If you believe mastering traffic Facebook ads and campaign is a great idea to make money online my advice for you is stay with me.

I know you could doubt right now if you never make any money at all using Facebook but if you used to you know what I am talking about.

If your dream is to mastering Facebook and becoming a Facebook pro these following resources are what you need to put your hand on and absorb these skills.


It will be easier for you than when I was studying them because I was groping my way and learn from lots of mistakes but for you I manage to create a straight path so that you don’t fall in wasting lot of money from mistake to mistakes. 

Here are your Facebook resources to dominate the Facebook robot to make it do what you want it to do for your business.


The Ultimate Course For Learning How To Run, Optimize, And Scale Facebook Ads.

Click here to learn more.


Step by step video training to dominate Instagram traffic for your business

click on the link below to get access. Instagram modern


from this eBook you will get the skill to master your traffic Facebook  ads.


You will be able to make Facebook do what you want with you ads and you will know as well how to decrease your click costs.

Click here to get access: beam targeting system


100% Free traffic methods to grow your business using Facebook as your main sale-funnels to build a long term business.

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Deep training covering everything you should know from setting up your business manager account to running all types of campaign ads you could imagine running on Facebook to make your site covert.

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How To Generate Laser Targeted 100% Free Traffic

Using The Power Of Facebook;  Click the link to find out

https:/ bot


Blast your ads to  5000 and plus targeted customers at once without spamming anyone while boosting your sales.

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Resources #3
Mastering social media

Social media is the best field ever to go and sow your business seeds. Social media never sleeps whatever time in the day or in the night you post something in social media within minute it already gets noticed by someone to like it, to comment about it, to share it or to ignore it.

What can stop a business from growing on social media?

Believe me many would say nothing, how about you what would say? Maybe you would say that yes you agree or no you don’t agree with that because you still see it hard for you to grow your business there if this is the case.

The secret behind this is that: all social media has something called:  artificial intelligent robot to manage the action and reaction between the users. This robot hates links that want to redirect a user outside of the media; therefore when you have a promotion with a link if you want to promote it for free the robot either hides your post from other users or it refuses it to be posted, sometime it direct your post to people that have an interest totally opposite with your topic.

However if you pay the robot to work for you it will do your job how you want it; the thing is you must know how to master that robot to get the result needed. Once you know how to master that robot even if you want it to work for free for you it will work for you as ordered.

Here are the resources you will need to know how to manage to have the skills required to mastering social media.

Planning to use Pinterest? It’s kind of time consuming using Pinterest and hard to make money from; according to many marketers and advertisers. With this free traffic targeting app you will dominate Pinterest by generating free leads and making sale up to $461.73/DAY by following only 3 simple steps


If you get a business that is subject to cover many different type of social media to attract customers from. It could be a lot of time consuming and a bit hard to master them all on your own.  once your business is set up to make it grow fast and easy you can just leave it to Kartra community’ hands which works like an agency it will get everything done for you and bring your business to the destination of your dream.


This one is a new assessment that you can try for free before you even spending a dime. at E-marketing HUB you learn how to really managing the social media campaign while you learning how to evaluate the profitability of your business. 


Whether your business is new or old they will help you assess its profitability before you take it the major public.


They have a plan for any level whether you are a beginner or an advanced online entrepreneur this program has a spot for you and your business.

Click the link here  to learn more

Looking to increase traffic and sales without losing your money? if you have a great site ready to serve customers, Profit. Lab could be the best solution for you.


It's the place you turn to when you want to target the right audiences, track all your engagements and conversion, focus more on your ROI, decrease the cost of your post per sale and learn about all your sales details, revenue, and traffic analytic.

Click here to discover for yourself.

At social university, you learn what it takes to really grow an online business using social media over the shoulder without going through all the struggles its creators had gone through to build that system. you actually get a straight path already made for you.


Go here to learn more

Looking for a platform to grow fast your leads and making tons of sales on autopilot?  Ataria is the place to get a good professional representing site and traffic generation to your site.

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Looking for a good safelist system to blast your ads?  A system where you  can get: 

-5000+ Unique Clicks Guaranteed
- 900+ Leads Guaranteed
- Detailed Email Click Tracking Included
- Solo Ad Starts Same Day Purchased
- Traffic is 100% Tier 1 (100% USA)

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Resources #4

Traffic Monster

What is a traffic monster?

A traffic monster is a method using by most smart supper affiliates marketers to build their list, generating leads for their business. In one day you could make over 6000 sales in autopilot.

What method is that method?

Well, you might know about it already this method is what they called Solo Ad. Many marketers and advertisers fail in using solo ads because they don’t know how to buy a solo ad.

Many use safe list member sites to easily and quickly grow their list to bring visitors to their site. The worst thing about that is when someone buys a solo ad or joins a safe list site that’s not related to their niche or business topic. They get no other result than getting their ads redirected to the wrong audience.

Solo ads must be bought from brokers that sell leads with interest related to your niche, no need to embarrass your auto-responder with people that will not take action.

To succeed in buying solo ads you need to:

  • Join safe list membership sites related to your site topic.

  • Join safe list membership sites that cover many niches

  • Buy solo ads from brokers that have prospects with interest related to your products or services.

I have been using solo ads for a decade to grow my business among all of them my favorite solo ad system is:  blast your ads

Resources # 5

Getting access to all the multi-income streams of Free trainings

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